I Blame Coco

We went to see I blame coco at the Oakford last night as part of the BBc introducing... gigs, the lead singer was Stings daughter!
Didn't really know what to expect but was totally impressed, just a bit gutted you can't seem to download any of their music anywhere until February!
Praise the Lord for You Tube ;)

Condensation Sunday.

Weird baby footprints I found in some condensation...

3 day old cookies.

Taken at this creepy little sweet shop in Tin City.
All the windows were covered like this :]
This is for the s in my lisp
this is for my beating heart in my chest on the left yes
See it all boils down to the have and the have not’s
the things that you have or you aint got
Some people are overweight some people aint got no food on their plate
You can act like you don’t know
or don’t wanna know what’s past Pluto
But if you heads in the pillow and your buts in the air,
they gonna put it right there yo.


New years eve...

I spent it with Natalie in Purple Turtle...
I spent the rest of it being locked out of my house by my dad after shouting
'I LOVE OBAMA' stupidly loud down my street at 2am...
But we got chicken nuggets, so it's ok.
I officially own a pair of shoes. . .
A pair of shoes have managed to enter my life and actually fit my feet.
I guess I take back ever calling my feet ridiculous and narrow.

In return God has decided to bless me with 'mild swine flu'