One Mans Trash Or Anothers Treasure (My Final Major Project Series)

People accumulate all kinds of weird and wonderful things, if you name it, someone somewhere is bound to collect it.

Some say we collect to form an identity and create an idea of 'self.' Our collections tell us a lot about how a person sees the world and how our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world.

Others say it links towards feeling lost inside a vast Universe, we can control the disposition of our collections like we can control little else. By controlling our environment we can start to feel secure within it.

With as many reasons for collecting as there are ranges of emotions, it is impossible to label or stereotype collectors and their collections.
This series escapes from the mass media, 'the complete set' or 'limited edition.' Instead it focuses on the more odd and quirky collections, the ones we don't initially understand and gives an insight into the fascinating stories behind them.

So this is pretty much the reason I haven't blogged in about 15 million blogging years :) Hope you enjoy!

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